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At Cathedral Ridge, we’ve created our wine gifts and special offers to help you discover great Oregon wines to spark great times. We’ve taken the guesswork out of buying Oregon wine by offering a wide variety of themed Oregon wine gifts and special offers perfect for any occasion from birthdays to BBQs, holidays and any occasion in between. 

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Our wide range of Oregon wine gifts let you discover and share the flavors of our award winning and unique wines from our local Oregon and Washington vineyards. Our wine gifts are meant to share and make a great gifts any time of the year for friends, family and colleagues and, are the perfect treat for you!
The selection of 28 awesome Red, White, Reserve and Signature Blend wines at Cathedral Ridge let us offer you a range of Oregon wine gift options like our famous Bodacious Blend 4-Pack featuring our Necessity Red, Cabernet/Merlot, Bordheauxd Red and Rock Star Red. Or you can try our Ultimate BBQ Wine Gift Trio, with Chardonnay, Syrah, and Zinfandel that’s perfect for summer and be sure to check out our guaranteed crowd pleaser, the Columbia Gorge Discovery Collection, featuring our Pinot Gris, Bangsund Vineyard Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel. If you’re looking for a something even more special, try our Vertical Sets that feature three consecutive years of the same great varietal like our Barbera 12,13,14 Vertical – to share the subtle changes time can bring. 

Our Blind Tasting Kit is another great option for a perfect party starter. It is best enjoyed with family and friends and we want to help you create a great wine experience. Find a reason to throw a party or bring it as a hostess gift to another house. Use our Blind Tasting Kit and pair with one or more of our Oregon Wine collections or specials and good food and share the discovery of our great Oregon wine today. The kit is a simple, fun and interactive way to explore a variety of our wines and discover the wonderful range, tastes and many subtle nuances of our wines and growing region.
Our wine gift selections and specials change with the seasons, new releases, special occasions and our creativity – so try some now and check back soon because with our fantastic selection of 28 unique wines, you’ll have more chances to explore the endless taste of our Oregon wine, full of aromas, and complexities and to share these great wine gifts with others.

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Special Price: $219.00

Fit For A Feast
This stunning 6 pack brings Cathedral Ridge Winery home for the holidays!


Special Price: $199.00

Cocktails & Cuisine
A collection in 4-courses! This fantastic four-some takes you from appetizers to dessert.


Special Price: $115.00

Hosting & Toasting
The perfect pack for hosting and toasting this season!


Special Price: $135.00

Taste This TV Trio
Chef Joe and Taste This TV showcase this stunning trio in their latest episodes!


Special Price: $699.00

The Wine Enthusiast
Part of our Rare Library Holiday Collection - Only 6 available!


Special Price: $129.00

Bountiful Blends
An essential collection of blends for this holiday season! 2015 Necessity Red, 2014 Rock Star Red Reserve & 2015 Winemaker's Reserve.


Special Price: $129.00

Opulent Blends
Authentically crafted red blends, exclusive to Cathedral Ridge Winery!


Special Price: $399.00

Bordeaux Lovers
Part of our Rare Library Holiday Collection - Only 8 available!


Special Price: $124.00

Bodacious Blend Gift Pack
Killer deal on a bodacious collection! 2015 Necessity Red, 2016 Cabernet/Merlot, 2015 Bordheauxd Red, 2014 Rock Star Red


Special Price: $99.00

Discover the Columbia Gorge! Wine Collection
Experience the diversity of the incredible Columbia Gorge wine country! 2016 Necessity White, 2015 Bangsund Vineyard Pinot Noir, 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2014 Zinfandel


Special Price: $99.00

Luscious Ladies Wine Gift Trio
2015 Barbera Reserve, 2014 Rusty Red Reserve, 2014 Zinfandel


Special Price: $105.00

Cozy Up With A Cab!
A cuddly, cozy Cab trio that is perfect for Fall!
Host your own Blind Tasting Wine Party at home! As an added bonus, purchase 6 (or more) bottles with this kit and receive 10% off each bottle! Please call the winery for this special deal.


Special Price: $299.00

Ho Ho Ho Pinot!
This holiday season, Santa has put together a selection of wines that show just how good you've been this year - Don't miss this rare vertical of Reserve Pinot Noir!


Special Price: $99.00

Gentlemen's Choice Wine Gift Trio
2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2014 Merlot, 2015 Winemaker's Cuvee